Visas, non-visas and others miscellaneous stuff

With the approach of summer and getting my computer functioning better I have been on Blog burnout.  This means my posting has dropped way off as I have gotten a bit tired.

So last week I have been working on the information needed to get our visas in order.  Or non-visas as Canadians do not need a visa to enter the USA.  We need an Entry Clearance equivalent. So what this means is we need a card from the University showing we are accepted.

Not a problem there.

That we have enough finances to prove we can afford to live in the USA for the duration of the first year of schooling.  In Missoula that means my family needs to show that we can have about $20,000 per 10 months.

As it turns out that was not too hard.  Between the TA position and financing we get for having six kids here in Canada we will have the money to continue.  It means my wife will not be allowed to work, unless she gets a different type of visa and that my kids cannot work but yet we are in a position to eke out an existence which is at least better than our meager one this year. Scary isn’t it.

All this preparation was in support of our housing application which we hope will get accepted before August 18th when we are planning to move.  While their housing will be tiny it will be a great price improvement over the overpriced “house” we have been living in here.

Of course the second conversation was with the kids possible future schools so we can anticipate what we need in the fall.  Hopefully it will not get too crazy.

Most of my posts for the summer will have less to do with history but I will do some reviews as I read a few new books I picked up.  As well I am hoping to discuss the New Revised Standard version of the bible (Catholic edition) which I picked up.  I have found it interesting already reading the book.

More to come so stay tuned.


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