Graduation day

Today was Convocation day at the University.  Apparently convocations are called commencements for most of you in the US.  But long story short they orginated at Oxford, if Wikipedia is to be believed, meaning originally a meeting of the Alumni.

The pomp surrounding the event was fascinating to participate in as opposed to simply watching.  Watching is incredibly boring from past experience.  When it is your graduation it just seems so much more fascinating.  Moreso when the Honourary Doctorate is given to someone who is an interesting speaker.

About my only problem was that PhDs get to keep their robes, which are cool and elaborate and I got the cap and tassel which was not.  Otherwise I have my freshly minted parchment placed on my wall.

Here are a few photos from our graduation day at the University. 

Graduation 2008

Here is the view in the Gym of the set up for convocation

Graduation 2008
This is me, on the right and my US history professor in her robes.  The hat is a little weeny but the robes look pretty cool.  I took two US history courses from her and did one independent study.  She certainly challenged me academically and I appreciate it.  Thanks Lynn.

Me and “Mace Guy” probably a disguished professor of something but since I have no idea who he is a this point his name is “Mace Guy”.  Unfortunately you cannot see it real well but the logo in the background is my University’s logo in stain glass which looked neat.


One Response to Graduation day

  1. Jon W says:

    Apparently Mace Guy is actually Dr. Ian Mclachlan from the geography department, so there I told you he was some professor.

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