Learning a lesson the hard way

Since the end of the cold weather we have had quite a bit of rain and a week of really hot weather which has made my back yard look like a jungle.  Made worse by the fact that we have no lawn more or weed wacker to beat it down.

So I have been looking to mow it down but finding one to borrow appeared to be harder than I thought it would.

Then my wife said I could always try the hedge clippers.  laughter on my end ensued.  However after suggesting it to the older two boys, ages 10 and 12 along with a larger financial reward, they got an idea they could do it.  I suggested they were nuts.

I did however up the ante by raising the amount they could earn if they did our whole smallish lawn, they jumped at it.  The fools.

One hour later, “we are almost done,”  I look out nothing much had changed.  In effect they were learning that hedge clippers do not lawn mowers make.  In the end I got out the neighbour’s lawn mower and hacked away at it. 

Then to finish the lesson I learned one as well.  When the driving instructors say walk around the vehicle before backing out they are not wrong.  I decided to back out without doing such, my son who had loaded our vehicle up with cardboard had taken out the stroller and left it near the back wheel. 

I hear crunch, feel the car drag something.  I stop.  Stroller destruction. 

Ending the day like that, not good.  Lesson learned.


2 Responses to Learning a lesson the hard way

  1. kenjebz says:

    Thanks for that Jon. We all experience the same thing, sometime, in someways. The good thing about this is that only the stroller has been damaged? Or the boy is just fine?

    Take care my friend!

  2. Jon W says:

    Funny thing is in my concern. I kept telling my second son and his friend to back away from the van, worrying they were too close. So yes worse could have happened but it just goes to show that even adults get shown up now and again.

    Needless to say I am STILL hearing about it from my wife.

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