LDS Bloggers, changing and moderating

Blogging was something I was asked to do about four years ago.  It was for a political site and it seemed like a cool idea but I never really got that interested.  The technology at that time was still a bit clunky.

Then in June of 2005 I started a blog as a part of my previous employment, see here for more on that blog.  It was fun, largely political blog which occupied my time.  As I got into it I started looking around for LDS blogs.  It was about then that I found Times and Seasons which I have read off and on since then. 

After reading them for a while I also started reading By Common Consent.  These were the only blogs I really read a lot to begin with.  As time went on in 2007 I found myself commenting more and more on issues of LDS nature, especially with my former employment ending, Canadian politics took on less meaning.

I found as I read these LDS blogs, and especially after I found agregators that could really expand my search on topics and specific blogs came to the fore I was very impressed.  There is a lot of people who have some great thoughts on various topics

So how have they moderated my views? 

Let me show you some examples of posts that have either changed my views or created a sense of “oh yeah” about them.

1.  Nate Oman on the Title Page of the Book of Mormon is a fascinating explaination on how God works through prophets.  As well as how it challenges us to deal with their faults.

2. Kevin Barney at BCC helped me better understand the FLDS and some of the ways of the Polygamists through this post, it certainly clarified where the ideas of marriage to underage girls got really going and how the breakaway FLDS leadership changed over the years.

3. Bruce Webster has run a single blog, Adventures in Mormonism, which a respect a lot and he has a great article about Evolution.  It is one of the better explainations of how evolution worked and certainly helped me to decide how I stood.  I found myself more firmly than ever in the Evolution camp after it.

4. Nate again grabbed me and changed a lot of my thinking on the speculation leading to explainations in an article called  Mormonism’s Poisoned Theodicy in which he attacks both types of comforting and cultural explainations wrapped into the pre-existance. 

5. Over at Mormon Mentality DKL attacked the KJV in a post which made me think about our version of the bible.  After reading this I moderated my belief that we had the “most” correct book of the bunch.  I even bought the Catholic version of the Revised Standard version.  It has been a nice little addition and certainly ads some interesting versions of biblical writing to my reading.

There are loads of others I would consider to be great and I will probably track down some more later but these are the easiest ones I have found.

At the end I think the Bloggernackle has effected my thinking on:
Gays and Lesbians
Limited Flood theory
as well as various other issues as diverse as the politics of Jacob to Q sources to whether women are allowed to give prayers in Sacrament meeting.  All of these have interested and effected me.

To say nothing of comments which are equally inciteful.

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