Being a Father reminds me why I believe in this church

Today is Sunday, Fathers Day in most of the Western world, or another Hallmark card selling day.  At least before the internet.

I would like to indulge a bit today and speak about being a father.

I have six children, they are all very important to me and often I am reminded how much of my life is wrapped up with those little ones.  My oldest is now a Deacon, passing that first big step into adulthood for males.  I watch him grow and I can only think, he is TOO much like me.    Seeing him last Sunday, walking up and down the aisles was a button bursting experience.  I was proud of him, and happy for him and I hope this experience will always be a good one for him.

As I watch all my kids grow I know for me it is a huge reminder of why I am in this church.  My testimony of Christ is built around the concept that God gave us a chance to be like him with the promise that we can return to him as a family unit.

I have always loved the description from Joseph, which I have no direct quote but paraphrasing something I heard once.  Joseph wanted to be buried near all his family, brothers, sisters, Mother, Father and his own family.  That way when the Ressurection of the Just began he could embrace each of his family as they came up from the ground.  It is a powerful idea.  It may be totally unrealistic, yet I can sympathise and agree with that understanding. 

While much of what we concentrate on is our own personal exhaultation and those of immediate family it is this image of the whole chain of the human family joining hands to achieve their celestial communion which seems to have jazzed Joseph.  As I sit and think about it does me as well.  The idea that others in my chain of ancestors will be able to unite later is one powerful draw.  It seems to me to so much more of what I expect from a perfect God.

Not a singular obsession with ones salvation, personal relationship with Jesus, Allah or a personal journey to Nirvana.  While certainly I respect and honour those other faiths it just seems for me Mormonism has always presented an answer which says, hey everyone from the Mouse to your neighbour are a part of God’s work.  You are no less important and you can feel companionship beyond this life. 

That to me is the image of my Heavenly Father.  Not an impersonal god but a very personal father. 

Anyway on that note good day.


2 Responses to Being a Father reminds me why I believe in this church

  1. jbsolis says:

    happy father’s day Jon! What a wonderful post! What a great thinking!

  2. Jon W says:

    Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

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