ouch that hurts

if you have been wondering where i have been this weekend, I managed to do something to my elbow, meaning that my pinkie has been tingling for over a week.  So out of concern over that i have not been using my fingers to type, which makes blogging a bit less than exciting.

Sorry about that but i should be back up and going regularly again.



3 Responses to ouch that hurts

  1. Sorry about that jon, hope you’re okay now?

  2. Jon W says:

    It is ok, I have to avoid any contact with resting my elbow which i realize i do constantly. And pressing the a key causes my finger to feel funky at times.

  3. Jon W says:

    Better than my mother-in-law who crashed on her bike ride to work last week and broke her ankle to the point where they still do not have anything more than an air cast on because of the swelling a week later.

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