This book I once wrote

A long time ago on a helpdesk far away, in Cardiff to be exact.  A legend was born.  Or bored.  Depends on how you look at it.

About 2001 several members of an IT helpdesk in Cardiff Wales started a forum, which has long since vanished off the face of the earth.  In it many of the characters from Deep Space 9 were matched to the various people on the desk.   Fun was then had making this story bigger and bigger.

After about six months only three were left crafting the story.  It had changed radically into a much less inside joke humor to a broader range.  I would say it grew a lot over the years

It could either be called a total SciFi rip off or a mild send up in the fashion of Mel Brooks of our favorite stories and common situations during that period after 9/11.  It is light hearted but I might say it is heavy in British humor and style so if you like Hitchhikers Guide or Red Dwarf you might find this mildly amusing.  Or not.

Since I doubt it will ever see a publishers office I just wanted to post it for consideration and hope it you like it.  Or not.

I give you:

Web World Nine: A Space Oddity


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