The dangers of grass and 7 year olds

So I am checking out daily my home to be to see what the weather is like, and to a degree out of bordom with the slow crawl to the moving date.  After a hectic few weeks trying to sort out financing and then getting our place sorted on campus.  We are moving in August.  (My wife follows that up with AGAIN)

I am currently just waiting for our immigration card from the school so that I can begin the immigration process.  Once that is ready we move on August 19th. 

Meantime, last night i was checking out the webcam from the area that takes some still photos of the area.  All of a sudden the mountain above the University of Montana had smoke trailing from the lower half.  So I quickly go to the live camera and low and behold half the mountain face is on fire or burned.  Of course that is disconcerting enough but it was combined with the knowledge that the area it started at was near where we were scheduled to be living.

So now i had some purpose to investigate further.  I followed the live camera for a while until something came on the local news site about the fire.

So it turns out that 450 acres were torched because two young boys got a car lighter and decided to have some “fun” burning a phone book.  As someone who saw a small cinder blow into a grass fire of about 1/4 mile long in minutes it is easy to see how things got out of control so quickly.  I am just grateful it did not go into town.

Anyway my live news event from yesterday.

see the photo of this path of burning:


2 Responses to The dangers of grass and 7 year olds

  1. Thoughtskoto says:

    that’s a very wide area, how long it took for the firemen to contain the fire jon?

    That’s the danger with the grassy area in summer.

    I remember what had happened in California.

    Anyway, goodluck to you and your family. It’s hard to move, but hope you’ll find joy and happiness and peace and prosperity to your new place.

  2. Jon W says:

    Well it started at 6:30 pm on Thursday and was finally finished off Friday night.

    Because the weather got slightly cooler and the wind calmed down. The other thing it took a while to reach a tree line so it was contained quicker that way.

    Still it covered over 380 acres.

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