Question – contacting your new ward leaders

The last week or so has been nuts, I have a new apartment I am about to cram my family into, I am needing some advice about what to do in this instance.  So readers your input and comments are needed.  I have just found out this week that the place we are moving to on the campus housing is on the third floor of a three story building.  Somehow they did not bother to put an elevator in the place.  We will need help for sure.

So while I will have plenty of help (crossing fingers) here in my present location I will be brand new to the area in which I know exactly two people.  My faculty adviser and the head of the History department.

So I need to get a hold of the Elders Quorum President and Bishop.  So in my place how would you suggest I do that.  I have the number for the church and the ward name.  I have the Bishop’s last name (thanks in Missoula but only the ward building and office phone number.

Would you try and call on a Sunday and what do you say?  Just thought I would ask for advice.  Or if you know someone in Missoula’s wards I could call send me an email at sjtigers -at- shaw dot ca.



3 Responses to Question – contacting your new ward leaders

  1. bfwebster says:

    Just what you said: call the church number on Sunday, explain who you are and what help you need with moving in. Start early on Sunday morning, so you’re likely to catch the bishop during bishopric or PEC meeting; that way, he can delegate the move-in task to the EQ Pres. I’ve served in two bishoprics, and we were always delighted to get calls like that. ..bruce..

  2. Jon W says:

    Thanks Bruce,

    I appreciate your help on that.

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