The slow crucible

Is there an immigration lawyer in the house?

This post is completely personal.  It will include my complete frustration, so be prepared.

I am, as I have said before trying to start my Masters degree at the University of Montana for the fall.  Last year I killed my van trying to get to the school, drove four hours to take the GRE, put in my application, was initially turned down for Teacher’s Assistant Position, then told a few days later that I had the position.  Then it takes a while to get my housing sorted.

So with all those trials, today it was all behind me, we were on our way.  Ha ha ha.

My family is Canadian, I have gone and lived in the USA as a missionary from 1990-92 I have also lived four years in Great Britain.  I have a record thanks to a misdemeanor I committed when I was 19 in 1988.  Immigration unlike the legal system has no statute of limitations it appears.

So I was banned from going to the USA today after putting my family through 3 hours at the border, treating me personally like I committed a crime today, mugshot finger prints, all with a special bureaucratic shrug of sorry cannot help you.

So we have no house, as the place we are renting is in Missoula, we have no where other than relatives houses to go.  So now what?  I am going to call the our foreign aid office at the University and a couple of lawyers recommended to me to see if we can do a thing.  But the long and the short of it is I was told I would need a waiver before I can even enter on a visit and that takes 6-9 months and costs $545.

When you are a family of 8 living on the income of a student this money is just not there.

I am sorry for the personal nature of this one but I am absolutely at my wits end.  My first meeting was to be Friday with my professors in regards to being a TA.  Classes start Monday.

Now at best, I might be able to defer for a term, more likely lose out entirely on my position, lose all the fees and rent money.  It is just abandoning us to the wolves in effect.

Along the way I have felt impressed whenever these roadblocks came up to keep going, pressing forward and they worked out.  Until now.  Shockingly I would be totally unsurprised if this all goes in a totally different direction tomorrow but for now that is all I have.

I feel really bitter that I am so very uninformed and stuck.  Goodnight all.


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