Challenging faith = Comedy of errors

The past two weeks has been both challenging and instructive.  It has left me completely drained, yet I still see opportunity to improve my personal faith and reflection on what the Lord wants.

Long story short, after one year of planning, long consideration and much prayer my Masters program in History fell at the feet of a new border guard who chose at that moment to reject my application for an F1 student visa and send myself and family into homeless travel back north.

After about two weeks I can feel that I am better for it.  But after two days I was seriously questioning myself and my connection with God.  You feel cut adrift in these circumstances and after wandering aimless for a week I finally made the decision that there was no way to rectify the situation.

So once again I roamed around in prayerful consideration and decided with my family to return back north.  We are headed back to Edmonton, where I will probably try to regain my profession in public relations while trying to sort out myself and make some decisions about the next year.

In the meantime I will remain interested and want to continue to inform myself on US religious history and I am thinking about a project about the relationship placed by victorian era Americans on immigration and religion.  So while i may be stopped at the present I think I will still continue to educate myself on these issues so that at some point further down the road I can go back to this Masters degree/PhD.

At the end of the day I am far too interested in the subject just to let it die here.  So once we are up in Edmonton on the weekend I will start my studies and keep you up to date on where this research is taking me.

As well, due to the nature of the situation will comment more fully on other issues that are of more modern bent as my focus will be changed slightly as you can imagine.

So dear readers thank you for your continued reading and hope you had a good summer.

2 Responses to Challenging faith = Comedy of errors

  1. Christopher says:


    I’m sorry to hear things didn’t work out with grad school at this time, but glad to hear you and your family are getting by okay. God bless and good luck. Please keep up your interest in US Rel. History and keep the posts coming.

  2. Jon W says:

    Thanks Christopher,

    I really was quite angry about two weeks ago but I have settled into a level of understanding.

    I am hoping to do some research which might be publishable over the next year so hopefully that will solve my dilemma, meantime I might try again next fall.

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