Why read your lesson?

A small pet peeve of mine came up the other day.  Let me begin by saying I am not the worlds most prepared teacher.  There have been times when I taught Priesthood reading the lesson right until the end so I could talk about something.

When I was in my final year of undergraduate I had to do several presentations for my history class, generally I did them without notes which drove my professor nuts.  So yeah maybe I am not the most sympathetic soul.

But when you teach a lesson two things drive me crazy.

1. Having the members of the class read a paragraph of the entire Priesthood lesson.  Look I understand they probably did not read it but people reading unconnected bits of quotes does not a lesson make.  Brother so and so read paragraph one, brother so on can you read the next one… I had one guy do this recently, I found my self walking out because I just could not handle it.

2. Second, do not follow the priesthood manual entirely.  Reading quote after quote just does not bring out discussion.  For me I look at the subject headings and use those as the topics for the lesson, which does cherry pick the quotes and I would suggest that as a way to drive discussion.

Ok now that I have bored you with my pet peeve, can I say I am not the worlds best teacher, I am relatively lazy with my 30 minutes which I have taught in the past.  Yet even saying that I find that the best lessons I have been in charge of rarely revolve around my opinions or direction.  Often these discussions move away the original discussion which in some cases is more important and usually more relevant.


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