Read any good books lately?

So what are fellow readers reading?  For me I found a bit of a treasure trove of old books as I have been killing time at my Mother-in-law’s house (especially after my laptop cord broke leaving me internetless for the duration, except when I can steal my wife’s.

My most recent find was Joseph Fielding Smith’s Man, his origin and his destiny, which is fun to have for the history of the book if nothing else.  Right now however I am actually reading two books, An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormonby John L. Sorenson.  Other than losing me in the middle of his discussions of walking distance and interminable math I found it an intriguing book.  It certainly places the Limited Geography Theory in context.

The other book is different but yet religious in some aspects.  When I was wandering around the local book store I found several books under the heading of A Brief History of… Two that I found interesting were A Brief History of the Crimean War (I know nothing about it so I thought I would study up a bit).  the other was called A Brief History of the Crusades.

While the books are in normal paperback size and are macrohistory they still provide some interesting perspectives of events that I am less familiar with.  So in that regard they are nice bite sized books.  Worth reading for sure. 

Anyway what else are you all reading and what recommendations would you make?

Fiction book wise I read John Grisham’s Playing for Pizza and recommend it as an excellent addition.   For someone not enthralled with his legal books it is a nice change of pace.  If you liked Skipping Christmas this is about in the same area.


2 Responses to Read any good books lately?

  1. Dustin Heap says:

    I recently read Hearing the Voice of the Lord by Lund and Lost Tribes and Last Days by Kent Jackson. I posted my thoughts about Voice of the Lord at my blog site listed below. I thought it was an excellent book. L.T. & L.D. also had some very interesting stuff on some of the more “intersting yet not necesarily essential stuff to know.” ie. Gog & Magog, Temple in Jersualem, etc etc. I am currently reading Temple Worship by Skinner and it is excellent! I will be posting my thoughts on it shortly at my blog. Lots of good books out there! I would recommend all three of these.

  2. Jon W says:

    Thanks for that.

    I noticed one thing in Sorenson’s book he mentions the Anthon letter which was a Hoffman forgery. Thankfully it does not have much to do with his premise but certain sits as a sad reminder of what was done.

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