Moving on up… to the northlands

Well tomorrow we move.

So this blog will not see any new posts before Monday (fingers and toes firmly crossed).  I will hopefully have some further updates next week and with my books available again I might have a few history related discussions to bring forward.
Meantime here is an observation I have made lately.

In Canada the gay marriage legislation was fought bitterly by evangelical, catholic and conservative groups much like it is in the United States.  There was in fact money coming to these groups coming from the USA to help fund both sides.

The LDS church did some work in this matter but for the most part it was very soft sell.  The most we were given is a bit of a pep talk on the matter in Priesthood and talk of writing your MP (Member of Parliament) was about as far as it went.

Interest groups who were fighting the legislation had some LDS members but the general vibe was so under toned that quite a few of these groups felt they were being subtly told to hold off.  Most of this perception I would label as incorrect but they were very frustrated by what in interest group Mormons view was a lack of effort.

Meanwhile in most countries outside of North America I get the feeling that little was done on the part of the Church and members as a whole have very divergent views.  I honestly can only think of one other occasion where the Church really dug in politically and that too was a moral debate over Video Lottery Terminals.  In that episode the church had special presentations done, door to door campaigning, it was much more like what I perceive is going on in California.

So why is the Church so much more politically involved in this issue inside of the USA over Canada or elsewhere?  Is it strictly a population issue or is there some other spiritual reason that goes beyond this?

Certainly it is something I am wondering about as I see what is going on south of the Border.


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