landing with feet on the ground

So after arriving back in Edmonton, the largest most northern city in North America.  The place is all very familiar.  It is a nice sense of purpose to see that things while changing still have significant areas that remain the same.

Meanwhile, I have been speculating on a few ideas of which to study for my next history related project.  It is still a work in progress, mostly because I have only myself motivating me.  In the meantime I have still be reading and coming to grips with my old network up here.  An important part of any job search is connections, the more you have the better it is for you later on.  So thus I am working the phones among those I know.

It has meant that other things have taken a back seat but I finally have my old history books unpacked so I am hopeful of making some progress.  It is always nice to see your treasured paperbacks and hardcovers you acquire over the years after a move.  It is like meeting an old friend for me.

I am still considering the path I want to go down after this past summer but certainly one of my goals is to continue to approach a study of US 19th century religous history.  It is just far to fascinating a subject to let it go now.   So I will start posting some things I find on these subjects starting tomorrow.  But for now lets just say I am happy to have landed mostly feet on the ground.


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