The Conservatives have the best Pokemon

This should be subtitled, how to explain politics to my kids.

My second eldest is doing a report for school on the Federal election here in Canada.  The Conservative party is currently in power and have been since January 2006.  We are now in a new election campaign as the governing party decided (as they can under Canadian convention and law) to call an election.  Though recent law inacted by the Government set fixed election dates when one has a minority parliament things are rather fluid.

So we are now in yet another election campaign.  This one looking headed toward a possible Conservative Majority government.  I would say, personally, that is a good thing as other parties seem to think an economic downturn is a good time tax people and corporations.

Anyway, in talking to my son I found myself having to explain why the Conservatives would want an election now.  So it went like this.

“Dad why are we having an election now?”

“Well because the Conservatives want one.”

“But why?”

“Well let me put this in ways that you would understand.  Would you want to go into a Pokemon battle with the worst or best Pokemon?”

“The best of course!”

“Well the Conservatives have the best ones right now…”


This of course is simplistic explaination but hey I once explained Political parties using Ice Cream so whatever works for them.


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