Ever since Lincoln and Douglas

In 1858 two powerhouses of Illinois politics were preparing the way for so many that would come after them.  During a heated campaign for the senate seat Stephen A. Douglas, one time friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and Abraham Lincoln had a very famous series of seven debates.

While they set the stage for political debates in the 19th century, the 1960 Presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon were a watershed in television politics.  Of course you could rely on things like this to vote…

Of course with the advent of these debates one sees the desire for a knock out moment, it becomes a vision of winners and losers.  Unfortunately finding the right moment is almost impossible.

or this one from the Canadian election in 1988:

So now you will be able to watch, in the US the Vice-Presidential debates, not sure who thought that brilliant idea up.  Or you can watch in Canada the French language debates which features five leaders going at it.  It will either be a mad house or a snooze fest.  So pull out the popcorn and watch, the major league baseball playoffs. 😉

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