Blogging the Canadian Debate

This might be a semi live debate blog, depends on how long I can tolerate the bunch of them.

Question 1 Economics –

Harper goes after Dion and his 30 day plan right away.  Watching HD I am finding an Echo on the CBC broadcast.

Echo disappears, once again everyone attacks Harper.  Showing again that the Conservatives seem to be in the driver seat.

Layton and Harper go at it early.

7:11 – Dion gets his chance.

One thing I notice immediately.  I am sure it is the opposite in the French debate but Dion and Duceppe are struggling with their english.

7:13 – May tries to stop the moderator?  that is an original one.

7:14 – Layton cries about jobs, “people are losing jobs”

7:15 – Dion backslaps the older Liberals.

7:16 – Duceppe goes off on Kyoto, it is a dead letter folks give it up.  Of course Duceppe likes to continue to go on about comparing Harper to Bush as last night.

7:17 – May brings up the old Liberal saw from last election about something Harper said 11 years ago.

Layton, and Dion try to call Harper Mr. Howard after the Australian former PM.

7:18 – Duceppe wants to give money to corporations.  Layton wants to tax them and Dion wants to punish half of them.  (Confusing, yes)

7:20 Dion attacks both the NDP (socialist) and Conservatives (Laissez faire I don’t care)

NDP and Liberals attack each other for a while.  Dion brings up Sweden, tax polution rather than corporation.

7:22 – Harper says the truth, once jobs go they do not come back mostly.

Greens – we will bring jobs back, somehow… (honestly how are you going to bring them back? Not some random comment)

Layton – Tax cuts are going to Banking and oil companies… nothing to do with jobs until asked.

7:27 – Dion we have a plan.  Not really a plan… (this seems familiar.)

7:28 – Harper “We are doing exactly what you said we should be doing!”

Bloq wants a Buy Canada Act – Any one else seeing the issues of a seperatist party wanting to do this?

Layton wants to remove NAFTA (good luck with that one) and close the borders, of course that worked well going into the Great Depression (Answer is, no it did not)

7:30 – Dion: we Have a plan, see here it is, kinda.

Elizabeth May – rudeness is my middle name.

Question 2 Environment

Harper “I know you are sincere in what you are saying but you are going to raise taxes.”\

Layton, “Where is your policy (for Harper) under your sweater?” (Funny)

7:32 – Dion: we will not raise taxes, (huh?  Carbon tax, that will not be offset by his “shift”)

Dion: All our plan will (shift money from Alberta to Ontario and Quebec.)

blah blah on climate change…

Layton wants to make the Poluters (Alberta and Saskatchewan) PAY while funding the manufacturing sector (Ontario) (see a trend here.)

May quotes Bill Clinton (eww)

Green Shift – Tax increases twice the size of the Tax Cuts.  (Harper)

Dion “Not true at all… (but it is)

Sweden is a favoured country for these guys, except when they talk about the health care funding (two tiered… hmm) (my apologies to those from elsewhere wondering what some of this means) Explainations come later.)

Seperatists want to punish other provinces than Quebec.

Anyone notice that Europe is the model of all this left of centre parties, each of which are losing industry like crazy?

Layton brings up Harper = Bush.

Dion – wants Canada to succeed in this century, please vote for me.  please vote for me.  Dana Carvey should sue for copyright infringement.

May rambles and Bush comes up again.  This is almost laughable.

Question 3 – Health Care

May – health cuts from feds and provinces resulted in less savings, (not sure about that one but I have heard it before).

7:49 – Dion goes on about the desire to gain more doctors and nurses.

Lets be honest part 3 – Health Care is not a Federal matter, even with the Canadian Health Act they cannot control the funding decisions of the Provinces.

Harper – hey its true, we need to work with the provinces to give them more money and make addition measures.

Layton – brings up the Reform party which Harper was a part of.

Harper – I was the only national leader in 2006 election campaign who has never exclusively used a private clinic.

Layton cries foul but sounds pretty stupid.

Dion hardly said anything.  Once he does it made no sense.

7:55 – May the world is destroying our health care system… eviiiill internationals.

7:57 – May does not want any sort of private health care period.  (Eviiil)

My gosh I agree with Duceppe… shocking.  Provinces control health care not the Feds.

8:00 – Dion wants to create a new social program for medication.  Catastophic drug coverage.

Layton talks about aboriginal health care, but does not bring it up beyond that.

He also points out that Dion’s party said in 1997 it would bring in this program but it still is not there.

Question 4 The Arts

Sorry this one bugs me so skipping… see I told you it might happen.

eww took it off mute, rambling weepy emotional, not something for a debate.

Pakin (moderator) “I want to know, do you four (leaders) think that the conservatives are barbarians.” (hee hee)

Good grief now Layton is mentioning his riding… eek.

We are giving money to banks?

Question 4 – Crime.

May – crime is not going up.

Harper continues to talk about victims and be tough on crime.

meanwhile the others want to call for banning handguns (more or less banned in Canada already btw)

Few give any real solutions save for May who actually suggested literacy programs.  not sure how it would work but hey it is an idea other than handguns.

Ah yes bush had not come up for a while so Duceppe comes in again…

No one brings up the New York method on crime that cleaned up a large portion of the city by being tough on crime.

Meanwhile, Layton rambles on about aboriginals again without solution.

8:22 – US ideas to Canada, again… Dion this time.

Layton blamed for killing the Kelowna accord.  Layton attacks Dion for keeping Harper leader.

Question 5 – Afghanistan

8:25 Harper: we cannot remain in Afghanistan indefinitely we need to see the Afghans take on the role.

Layton – we should never had been their in the first place.

Duceppe – ditto

May – “blah blah”  (sorry she is soo niavee.)  We should not destroy the poppy crop?

Harper, “If we never leave the job will NEVER get done.”

8:30 – Layton “Harper, you can not be trusted on this,” says the same for the Liberals.

Dion “We will only stay until the job is not done,” his English catches him again.

Duceppe – Iraq and Bush.

May – recognized finally that Afghanistan was not a Bush mission.

Bush mentioned again by Dion.  Nobody, including Harper, says that while he supported the mission in Iraq he pointed out that their was no way we could enter militarily but whatever.

Question 6 What will you guys(coughharpercough) do first (according to me and according to the moderator 7th)

Hey Duceppe acknowledges he will never be Prime Minister, no kidding.

May- something about Proportional Representation… blah blah environment.

Dion – economic blah blah cabinet


Harper – tax cuts made when we can and buget surpluses kept forward.  Continue on the same path.

Layton – once again goes off on the banks and exxon.

Dion – we will not listen to the provinces apparently.


Pakin – your liberal (Ontario) premier said do not bring in the Green shift Mr Dion?

May – complains about income splitting issues.  Good one.


Harper – I will never raise taxes.

Dion – income trust (yeah that kind of hits back that previous statement.)

Question 7 (8) Trust


Duceppe – (as someone who will never be PM whatever he said doesn’t really matter)

May – (ditto) Demand Better (I think the Conservatives promo from last election)

Dion – the questioner is WRONG?! hee hee blah blah environment.


Layton – do not trust the others put the Kitchen table in front.


Big oil, big companies, bad – Layton.

May – income trusts did not add up.

Atlantic Accord – blah blah

ouch sweeping the table not a good sound over the TV


Duceppe – Quebec not having a seat at Unesco

Harper – it has a seat as the Canadian delegation


May just will not let others talk, it is very annoying.

Thats a wrap folks!


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