Prediction time for Conference

The LDS General Conference starts tomorrow.   While I do not expect anything ground shaking there are some interesting predictions to be made.  So here are what I would consider are some possibles.

1. Proposition 8 will be mentioned at least in some way, probably understated “family” type thing.

2. One of the new callings could bring an African into the seventy (not sure if there are vacancies on the 1st council, so maybe on the possibly 2nd.)

3. Possible reduction in meeting hours?  Please.

4. President Monson will tell a story ( I know that was easy)

5. Priesthood will receive a tongue lashing about something in their session.

Thinking about it is difficult to even imagine any particularly standing out as a absolutely obvious thing, like replacing apostles.  So therefore it is harder to imagine what our authorities will say.  However it should be interesting as always.


One Response to Prediction time for Conference

  1. Jon W says:

    Surprising turn of events already.

    President Monson announcing a temple for three interesting places (for me).

    1. Rome – even the conference center was a bit taken aback by that one.

    2. “greater” Kansas City, is that Kansas City Missouri?

    3. and personally a third temple in Alberta to be built in Calgary. That one surprised me big time.

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