The Brothers are annoying me

My daughter is seven.  She is one half of fraternal twins.  She lives in a house with four boys and a baby sister.  She has a funny way of describing her male siblings.   They are simply, The Brothers.

The Brothers are doing this, the brothers are so much trouble, the brothers annoy me.  You name it that is her collective phrase for boys ranging 12 to 4.

It is an amusing little note, I find often it brings a smile to my face that is hard to hide.   However, for her it is usually an exasperating experience with all these boys around.  On top of it all in her world they have all the fun.  And they will not do her stuff.  This means she hauls around our 1 year old daughter any chance she gets.  No playpen or crib can keep her from poking, proding, dressing or simply carrying the poor baby everywhere.

That’s what happens I guess when the brothers annoy you.  You find someone else to annoy.

Her new complaint is that the boys got Bunkbeds and she did not.  Of course she fails to understand why our Baby cannot go in one and why she has to wait.  Of course my daughter has now determined, “I will wait until she is two.”

And to end this post about my daughter appropriately let me add that she has a very firm grasp on life.  My wife questioned her about getting her ears pierced the other day.  My daughter said, “No, I think I will wait until I am thirteen.”  No idea where she got the idea of an age from but again it made me smile.


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