Canadian Election results

So after over four weeks the Canadian government for the third time in four years is being led by a minority government.  For the second time it is a Conservative one.  It is a close run thing, I would argue that the economic meltdown combined with Quebec’s passionate flip flop led to once again a minority.

I personally dislike minorities.  I think they are bastions of over spending on “popular” things rather than doing the hard things that need to be done at times.   Of course as a voter for the Conservatives (as 2/3rds of the province of Alberta) I am disappointed.  I think it serves no one well to have a split but at the end of the day I will take a lesser win over a close loss any day.

More on this possibly later but let me just say, as someone who has run for office once before I congratulate the candidates for all the parties it is hard to put your name up there and take all the hard work and slogging so good work.

And to Quebecers I can only say you are, “La douleur dans mon côté droit.”


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