Polygamy, the lifestyle choice

I was recently doing some searches when I came across two different sites.  One is Muslim, or at least appears to be while the other appears to be non aligned.

Both proposed matches for polygamists looking for sister-wives.

But as you look at the site, at least the second anyway, I found myself chuckling at one of the featured videos of someone looking to become a polygamist.  In her comments it appears she effectively wanted to become a polygamist because it was a good decision, but not in a Mormon way.

Fascinating watching and seeing these,  the other gives almost Women’s magazine types of advice, about fashion (what is too revealing in the USA), all sorts of things.  My immediate thought is, here are people looking at another “lifestyle choice” and expecting in a way to make it legitimate.  They are new Gay Marriage.

Anyways, just my feeling right now is, how odd that 100 years ago this was an abomination, something evil, now it is a “lifestyle choice,” as long as it is not Mormon.  Gotta love the world.  Not that there is anything wrong with that…


One Response to Polygamy, the lifestyle choice

  1. kingoftexas says:

    Don’t forget a civil right 🙂

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