Prop 8 battle first seen in Bill C-38 fight part 3

In the meantime, the LDS church, Catholic Church and various evangelical groups sought to oppose the legislation federally in the Parliament and legally by intervening in the cases.  They would slowly start to put pressure on the MPs as the legislation went through the Parliament.These groups were not cohesive, mistrust of Mormons among the Evangelical sects led to continual friction.  The LDS members formed other groups to try and convince their own membership to be active.  Even with some tacit leadership support money is not found from among enough sources to do more than mount a legal campaign.

During all of this the best solution for the Church and those who opposed gay marriage was to attack individual provinces.  If one province had been willing, as Quebec had been in the past over Abortion, to stand up and refuse to enforce gay marriages I suspect that no account of legal retributions would have worked.  (Btw for those who would not know Quebec flat out told the Federal government it would not enforce limitations to Abortion.  Within five years after Abortion limitation was struck down in all cases as the legislation was ruled out of line with the new constitution. (No government since has had the political will to put any brakes on it since)

So, as the various groups started to respond to the situation they all took the wrong tact and no one group seemed to have the answer.  In the end all these groups failed.

By June 2005 the federal government, in a minority parliament, snuck in the legislation legalizing gay marriages in a surprise vote, catching the Conservatives and their allies off guard.  The legislation passed before the same government fell in the winter of 2005.

Amongst the LDS membership that were active in the fight, there was a disappointment with the lack of perceived role played by the Church.  In fact the church while legally contesting Gay marriage did very little to organize and political fight.  Exactly opposite to California, they left it completely up to the local groups.

In the local LDS groups all that was suggested, at least in my stake, was a strongly worded letter to MPs.  No meetings are held on church property and few if any rallies are attended by church members.  One has to wonder what role the government threats to tax status played for religious groups in muting them.

My reason for explaining all this is to show that the LDS church leaders have chosen from the outset to get involved from the beginning and I wonder how much of this is a result of what happened in the failed fight in Canada.  I am not trying to take sides in the issue or even critizing what the Church did in Canada, because many of the other groups did the same thing.

Yet much seems to have been learned, or possibly the make up of US politics and the closeness of it makes it easier to fight effectively.  (of course how effectively we will know tomorrow)


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