Congratulations to the President elect

While I might not completely agree with him.   I honestly hope the best for him.  I think this was a monumental election for African Americans who could not even have freedom just 150 years ago.   In the western world how many can say that a visable minority was elected leader of their country?

Congratulation to Barack Obama.  And to John McCain who failed once more, but honestly, how many of us would be willing to suffer these battles?  Have a nice life Senator.


3 Responses to Congratulations to the President elect

  1. Fabio says:

    My compliments from Italy to Obama. Finally someone who will be in touch with the 21st century!

  2. VOTAR says:

    My congratulations, also, to the President elect. May God bless and protect you and help you to make wise decisions as you seek His guidance.
    EDITOR: paired this down because I hardly think this was just a race issue.

  3. duchess says:

    As a Canadian, and not too interested in America politics, i am so pleased that the president elect is Barack Obama. I, like many others wept and celebrated as he spoke so powerfully, not just to his country, but to the world.

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