The “ghosts” of Halloween’s past

recently my wife and I were going through some pictures and I found some old Halloween photos.  It is amazing to see how often costumes are determined by the fad of the day.  Let me indulge in a little reminiscing.

My boys in 1998.  Of course the clown is pretty typical but the Teletubbie is so 1990s.


My daughter wearing her Sailor Jupiter outfit 2006 again very dated, used mostly because my wife bought her Sailor Moon DVDs a couple of years ago and she loved it.

2007, and yes it is windy and cold, here the one obviously dated character is going to be Pikachu from Pokemon (Though after 10 years I am beginning to wonder).  Others like Winnie and Snow White while dated do not seem as obviously dated.

The next one I will not tell my wife if you don’t 😉


So even though the date is completely screwy, it is actually Halloween,  Harry Potter makes an appearance being the only character of note in this group.  The older boys were still getting ready so they missed this one.

When I was a kid I was Captain Kirk one year, a weird version of C3P0 another year, of the two I never really thought that C3P0 would be the only one my kids would recognize.  It is fascinating to see how these things change.  Also I would have more pictures normally but when we were in Wales we never went out Trick or Treating.


2 Responses to The “ghosts” of Halloween’s past

  1. Kittysmom says:

    Posting Pics of me (Your Wife) with out telling me. You are in trouble now.

    May for give you though as the cloak is all handmade by me and looks fab 🙂

    And the Baby Panda is really Cute.

  2. Jon W says:

    uh oh she found out.

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