Strange looks of befuddled boys

Teaching my kids has always been a challenge.  They always want to know stuff, just not that much.  My wife likes to say to them, for example, ok if you are asking your father a question remember it might go on for a while.  Sigh, sadly she knows me too well.

So when I sat them down on Sunday they knew they were not getting off early.  While I would never force them to go on a mission if they did not want I do want them to have all the knowledge they would need regardless.  I find that talking about things can build an interest in them.

However, as they sat down, skeptical of the whole idea, I brought out Preach My Gospel for them.  I talked about it to them, they still looked skeptical.  I would love to say we sat down, poured over scriptures and achieved a state of spiritual sharing which built all of our testimonies.  Of course I would be lying.

What did happened however was that I gained a great appreciation for the role of this new manual.  When I went on my mission we had the very uninteresting Missionary Guide to read.    This document may make a 12 and 10 year olds glaze over but I can see how much of a difference it makes.

I can now understand why my missionary nephews had nothing but good to say about the manual.  I would appreciate how much leeway it gives, especially when so much of missionary life is structured to the hilt.   My boys may be still befuddled, I may struggle all year to get some of the concepts across, and yet I still think it is a great way to prepare them.


One Response to Strange looks of befuddled boys

  1. Velska says:

    I’m with you. PMG is definitely a huge improvement of mish preparation as well as a handbook for any member looking for something to enhance communication with others and personal study.

    Our discussions in 1981 were pretty uninspiring, and although we had to memorize them verbatim, I never parroted them as such, but used my own expressions to convey the ideas – which is exactly what PMG tells you to do.

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