Where did all the good Mormon movies go?

I would like to thank Jon for allowing me to scratch down a few thoughts every so often on the wild world of LDS film. I hope to fill this space with wonderment and glory… well actually just thoughts and ideas from a hack who has been following the LDS film business since his Bro-in-law filmed the “Singles Ward” and found out that he went on a mission with one of the writers of said movie.

So where did all the good movies go?  You know, the ones that inspired and challenged us. The ones that made us think. The ones where we knew exactly how the characters felt because we went through the same thing. The ones that surprised us at every turn.  hmmmmm… If you’re like me, you can’t think of one as well. Some have come close but, in my opinion, there hasn’t been that one film that has blown us away. The LDS church, I think, gets it. The Testaments movie is a perfect example. I know it has a singular purpose but it has most of the elements.

So what are your thoughts? What LDS movies do you like? Do you think there is a LDS film out there that can compete with Hollywood’s finest? By the way, Hollywood does not mean big effects and big budgets… it means polished.

Fade to black….


3 Responses to Where did all the good Mormon movies go?

  1. Nazenail says:

    I really enjoyed the first Singles Ward movie. I expected loads of corny LDS jokes, but the writing, acting, and directing really were excellent. The second one was painful.
    But the best Mormon Movie, without question, is Pride and Prejudice a Latter-Day Comedy. I’ve enjoyed it several times with non-members and while they obviously missed some of the more subtle humor, they still really loved it. The camera work was excellent. The big “party scene” looked beautiful. The soundtrack pulled a lot of scenes together. The characters were unique, but still instantly recognizable as their originals. It was a great interpretation of P&P that just happened to be LDS.
    I also liked God Army, The RM, and Sons of Provo, but they weren’t as polished as these other two films, IMHO. Hometeachers was terrible. (The only positive thing I can say about that one is the modern cover of “Now Let Us Rejoice”. That song was brilliant!)

  2. Steve says:

    Uhhh, “Singles Ward” was a good movie? I beg to differ. After all of the mugging by ex-Zoobie athletes and coaches (and SuperDell, OMG!) I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Unfortunately, no LDS film I’ve seen (except for maybe “The Other Side of Heaven”) has the kind of refinement we expect from Hollywood offerings, but in terms of compelling stories well-acted no one touches Richard Dutcher. And the documentary “New York Doll” holds up well compared to anything Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock have done.

  3. Grégoire says:

    Twilight is a Mormon movie. It’s just that the themes were hidden in the subtext. I critique it in an article on my blog (It’s one-dimensional, man) if anyone is interested.

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