Meteor Update

Last week we had a meteor crash to earth somewhere east of Edmonton, where I live.  Apparently for those that were near it (around the Saskatchewan and Alberta border) they heard a huge sonic boom associated with it.

Now comes news Saturday that a guy from the USA is offering 10,000 dollars for the first person to get a piece of the rock. It is interesting how the guy is playing to greed of people.  In effect he says that people are lazy and would not find it even with an offer like his.

Personally, if I thought it landed near me I would certainly have made an attempt regardless of financial endorsement.  It just brings back the kid in me to think you could find something that came from outer space.

see story, note on the American collector is at the bottom of the first page.


2 Responses to Meteor Update

  1. BruceC says:

    Thanks for the update. I loved showing the video to my kids.

  2. Jon W says:

    Yeah there is some awesome video, I still cannot believe I did not see it live. I was coming home from work at the time. Probably because we live on the wrong part of the city.

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