From me to you

Just to let everyone know.  Today, this blog has surpassed the monthly mark for pages read.  I thank each one of you who read this blog.  You have given me plenty to think about and discuss over the past year.  It is amazing.

I was looking on the other day and I noted something.  I wanted to list this for each of you to look at because you might want to compare your own sites or you are just interested in playing around.

According to Alexa, Banner Sword and Shield ranks as the 8,583,051busiest website.

By Contrast I have put a list of some of the bigger Mormon sites (blogs) out there so you get a comparison: – 2,965

Mormon Times (Deseret News) 86,742

By Common Consent 321,798

Times and Seasons 406,767

Feminist Mormon Housewives 453,287

Mormon Matters 498,611

Mormon Mentality 668,495

Juvenile Instructor 3,193,386

So yes a ways to go yet but interesting nonetheless.


One Response to From me to you

  1. Jon W says:

    huh, just noticed my dyslexia on the title. It should read, and now is edited to read from me to you. Sorry about that, makes a bit more sense now.

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