Fun with my router

Well that was a fun beginning of the day.  I have spent the last two hours working with my modem and router.

After two months of working just fine my Linsys WRT54G2 router decided that I really liked the internet at 56k modem speed.  (I do not)  So it slowed down on all webbrowsing.

So after calling my internet service provider, getting it unplugged, plugged and power cycled to death they blamed the router.  So I grabbed to router website, contacted someone on their live support who gave me the details of how to reset my router and set some preferences different on it.

So busily I worked until just a few minutes ago when voila, like a phoenix rising from the flames, my internet connection rose back to its multi megabit glory.  Happy days.


2 Responses to Fun with my router

  1. As the daughter of a carpenter I was just a wee bit disappointed to learn that your router was computer equipment and not a woodworking tool! (But congrats for beating the electronics problem.)

  2. Jon W says:


    I don’t do carpentry… ever 🙂

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