November 29, 2008

It was a lovely Monday morning. The sky was a brilliant blue, the birds were singing brightly, people were smiling gaily. And Nick was walking into work. Which, of course, is the way of things because it always poured with rain during the weekend. Nick was a tall, lanky man, handsome in a floppy fringe and easy-grin sort of way, formerly from Croydon, who had joined the call centre in Cardiff only recently, much to the disgust of his father who had a “proper job” in the postal service. Read the rest of this entry »


Political shenanigans causing a special type of gridlock

November 29, 2008

North of the US border Canadian politics is locked in a huge death struggle that began at the end of the 2004 federal election, continued now through two more elections and little real progress.  Everyone says, wouldn’t it be great to have a minority government because they have to listen to “us” more.

So now we are on our third minority government (1 Liberal, 2 Conservative) and it seems even more bitter and partisan then ever.

A little background here: Read the rest of this entry »