Primary Presentation day

So today was our primary presentation in sacrament meeting.  For those of you who have kids in it you know what is like, you cringe, you laugh, you find yourself cheering them on.  This of course maybe the case for everyone but as a parent I watch my children during these events waiting for three things:

1. The wave, when your sunbeam waves as soon as he sees you even if he is supposed to be singing.

2. The fear factor, when your seven year old realizes that there are a lot of people in the audience, and it means that whatever was supposed to be said escapes him.  Finally after the whisper from the prompter he mutters his way through his speech in about 3 seconds flat and sits down.

3. Bordom, your preteen sits beside you generally mutters about being bored because none of his siblings are there.

Each of these coloured my day today.  Yet I have one other observation.  I am in awe of those who are able to take a quivering mass of childhood and create something approaching wonderful.  I have served in the Primary twice, somehow I avoided being involved with these primary presentations.  Yet I am always amazed that, generally, the kids are remaining interested after 2 hours plus of church.  This to me speaks well of the ability of those teaching them to have them preform.

So for all you Primary people, thank you for making our bundles of joy actually produce such cuteness.


2 Responses to Primary Presentation day

  1. Wow – your ward did Primary Sunday fairly late this year. Most wards had this done before thanksgiving. And with everyone traveling for the holidays that probably placed challenges on organizing a mid-week rehersal.

  2. Jon W says:

    Not really, being in Canada our Thanksgiving was in the second Monday in October so no holiday to coincide with.

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