Chapter 4 The Dark One makes the scene

Meanwhile, the Domino war fleet was making its way through the void. They had travelled almost a hundred light years to this point, and soon their destination would be in visual range. The sleek, deadly stiletto shapes of the Gentlemen’s fighters, their allies, maintained tight formation around the ponderous black and white battleships.

The spy was already in place, their cannon had been re-fitted, and they had just received confirmation that the RARS Fleet had been escalated. Within a matter of para-hours they would be at their target : the WebWorld9!

On board the main battleship, Wayone, the chief representative for the Domino, was speaking to one of the Master Deities over a comms link.
“May I ask just how this subterfuge will work, your deity?”
“Essentially Wayone it’s a simple piece of coding called a Javva redirect,” replied the deep voice of the god, Q-Rob. “It’s intended to send all prospective traders directly to our quadrant and avoid the WebWorld9 because the station always gets more than their traffic quota!”
“And it works, this technology?”
“As long as we have the correct entry code and establish the suitable protocols the WebWorld9 will be redundant in days.”
Wayone could hear the smugness in the voice, and shuddered at the pure evil. The comm channel clicked into silence.


In the farthest reaches of space, from the opposite flanking direction, a thousand warships of the RARS Empire escalated to I-Drive, their destination : the TGA WebWorld9 space station!


Within the great audience chamber, Javva began a long and flowing greeting to his counterparts in the TGA. The talk was very ponderous and in an environment where you were presenting to the military it had the exact effect that Javva was hoping for. The staff were on the verge of catatonia.
Hworff was especially irritated with the discussion of “pleasant planets” and “the rights of self-determination for all beings”. By the end of it, he was frustratingly caught between a desire to hibernate or eat someone’s heart. He bared his canines in a ferocious scowl. Dado could not help himself but auto-shapeshift as he dozed off. Luckily, he was at the rear of the crowd of delegates.
Javva inwardly grinned. He knew that he had lulled his audience enough that he felt capable of anything. If only his masters would let him. In the end he droned on for two hours to the officers concluding with a rather lackluster, “Don’t you agree?”
The crew collected themselves enough to give a half-hearted “here, here” and avoided trying to look too guilty.
“A wonderful speech by our guest,” exclaimed Rhett diplomatically, blinking his sleepy eyes open.
“Captain Hard-Grafft Slogs of the Home Server Farm Fleet will be joining us shortly,” interjected Norris, turning to the Rarsian Ambassador. “I’m sure the two of you will … ahh … have a great deal to talk about …”
“Now Ambassador if you will just attach this to your tank,” Crisko said handing Javva’s attendants a metallic button, “We will escort you to your room.”
The device clanged onto the hull of the tank, and Rhett turned to Dorris. “Okay Kia-ora, transmit.”
“Yes sweetie,” she whispered huskily.

The Energy transmitter burst to life around Javva’s pallet which slowly pixellated. Within para-seconds, the room that had been specially prepared for the Ambassador was filled to the brim with overflowing Javva.


Soon afterwards, Admiral Jirk arrived in his Shuttle, the Tidyroom, which auto-locked into one of the remaining VIP Docking Ports.
Commander Hworff accompanied by the ever able Kia-ora Dorris met the Fleet Admiral in the reception area. Jirk was a portly gentleman who looked as if he was reaching the end of his career in the Military. A small droid trundled about at the feet of the Admiral.
“Ah Hworff, a pleasure meeting you again. And of course Lieutenant Dorris, it is always nice to see you”.
“Umm…Sir,” frowned Hworff, “What exactly is that thing you have there with you?”
The ‘bot angrily chirped up at the seven foot Klick-On.
“Ah that my young friend is the new standard in the Server Farm Fleet, an MHFP Extensionlet droid. This one is a 2xx2 Model. It is slightly slower and a lot more bulky than the 2xx0 models which roam the Server Fleet,” Jirk informed Hworff.
“It looks cute!” piped Dorris, clapping her hands.
“It looks disgusting!” the Klick-On remarked. His ridged forehead furrowed even more, and met his thick black eyebrows in a point of revulsion.
“That maybe, but they are functional and will serve our CLiENT Droids very well in the bowels of our Servers!” Jirk exclaimed closing the argument, and to ensure no further discussion told the warbling little thing to toddle back into the shuttle.



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