Dogs and Cats living together… mass hysteria

You can accept the fact that this [Country] is headed for a disaster of biblical proportion.

old testament, real wrath of God type stuff, fire and brimstone coming down from the sky, rivers and seas boiling.

40 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes.

The dead rising from the grave.

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA.

What if your wrong?

IF we are wrong we go to jail, peacefully quietly, we’ll enjoy it.  But if I am right, and we can stop this thing, Lenny, you will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters.

Any way you get the idea.

For my US friends reading this blog, what is happening in Canada is a once in a generation affair.  Like the 2000 US Presidential elections this is something on that level of scale.  The last time we had a sitting Parliament in which had it switch hands without a vote, by the people, was in 1925.  IF it happens it will be one of the most contentious things I think to have occurred in quite some time.

In the Canadian, British, Parliamentary system the government of the day rules only when it gets a majority of the seats.  The Prime Minister and his cabinet, usually come from the party with the majority of seats.  On most occasions this is also a majority of the seats in the house.  Which means that the government cannot be defeated on any vote in the House of Commons.

However, what we have in Canada is a minority, this means we have one party with a majority, of seats but not a absolute majority over every other party combined.  This is known as a minority.

Canada has had minorities in the past.  Most of the 1960s were run with minorities.  Some saw them as advantageous because minorities tend to do what is popular, over what is right, so as to get a majority in the next election.  Now however, we have had 4 years of it.  As I chronicled it has led to gridlock, stalemate, or political twisting to force a vote this way or that.  In each case the minority was dependant on the other parties being unable to get together to defeat them.

In the present situation, three parties, or opposition, are prepared to make up a coalition to take over government from the current party.  These parties just happen to include one which wants to break the country up.  They are not kidding, in fact Gille Duceppe, their leader, said yesterday, “I think every gain we’re making here is good for Quebec, and what’s good for Quebec is good for a sovereign Quebec.”

So what is the point of this coalition of the sorta willing?  Can they seriously think they can govern this country with no real mandate, with little trust amongst themselves?  Can they seriously believe that they will all play nice until 2011 when their agreement comes due?

Honesty, I cannot imagine any way shape or form this could work, in fact the Liberals appear to already be having buyers remorse, if the media is to be believed.   While I am unhappy that the current government would decide in December to take a pot shot at party funding, sticking the hand in the hornets nest in the first place, I still cannot understand how anyone, public or media could swallow this line of garbage?

Sorry, my opinions have been wrapped up by this nonsense.  I have found the whole situation insane and so I am making it known here.  At this stage I see only two real honest solutions, which are turned to the Governor General (our representative from the Queen).

1. Prorogue parliament (stop it for the next month), to allow cooler heads to prevail and everyone to climb down off of various ledges.

2.  Call another election seven weeks after the last one.

To turn the country over to Larry, Moe, and Curly just makes no sense at all since the so-called PM in waiting has already been fired by his own party!

Anyways end of rant.  And yes I am as peeved as you think I am.


2 Responses to Dogs and Cats living together… mass hysteria

  1. Jon W says:

    So the Prime Minister is addressing the nation tonight. Apparently, it looks that MPs are finally starting to realize they are making a huge error in judgment.

    I cannot even imagine what is going on in the minds of these guys. According to one reporter one MP was crying, realizing that they made a mistake. He did not say which side this person was on, yet I suspect both sides might be worried about how far down this road they were going.

  2. Jon W says:

    If you want to watch the speech… not sure if non Canadians (or want to watch it for that matter) will be able to see it but you can watch:

    Global News

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