My twelve days experience

Two years ago, my family and I decided we should do something special for Christmas. I had read in the Ensign years ago about the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It was an idea to give presents to people in a way that they will not know. 

So with that in mind we did just that.  We decided to pick a family and treat them to small presents each day.   We had some LDS friends who lived close to us who we decided to give them our gifts.

So as most of you are aware we left small presents on the door step. Usually we would send one of our older boys over to drop off the present, then run away.  Sinckering to ourselves, we watched from across the street as they got the new present.

It was an incredible experience, we felt we were doing something to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and teaching our kids a valuable lesson.   However, about the 10th day we had our door bell rung.  We went to the door, and there sat a small present.  Then on the 11th, 12th and so on we continued to receive our own set of little presents.

It was wonderful, we knew they had caught us, but neither wanted to admit to the other, each day we gave each other our little presents and each day we laughed to ourselves as funny as it all seemed.

To this day we have never admitted we knew each other was doing it but it was great.  It was a Christmas that I certainly would not forget.

My second experience with something similar was which caught me off guard.  In the early fall one year my wife and I decided to buy a present for our kids which was fairly scarce.  I spent days trying to track it down.  No avail, each time I thought I was able to come across it the thing was gone.  Puff of smoke.

We did not have a lot of money, both of us were in school so instead of waiting for this one big present we decided to use the money to buy a few small ones.

Then on Christmas Eve, we got a knock at the door, some person I did not know knocked, he said, is this the W. house.  I said yes,  he then handed me a bigger present and said, “Merry Christmas.”

As I am sure you tell, we opened the present, and there was the bigger present we wanted to get for our kids.  It was the most amazing thing, it shocked me.

Both of these incidents were blessings of a temporal kind but yet on each occasion it reminded us to thank the Lord for what he has given us.   So often little things can remind us how lucky we are to live in a country that allows us to have a relative wealth and peace.


2 Responses to My twelve days experience

  1. Anon this time says:

    I’m glad when these things work out. Someone did that for my elderly parents, and it made the holiday so much brighter for them — not for the world would they have peeked out the window to see who was delivering the gifts. Every night they would call me and tell me what had been delivered — always small things, but chosen with great care to be useful and interesting to a couple of their years.

    On the other hand, I was the victim of a 12-days project once. It happened in the middle of an eight-year streak of being terrorized by a bully neighbor, to the point where I could not go out to work without watching carefully where I walked, because Neighbor Dearest liked to put blocks of wood with long nails driven through them in the snow outside my door and behind my car tires. I had to be careful putting the garbage can out, because he liked to smear dog crap on the can handles. That sort of thing. In order to “minimize the disruption to the neighborhood,” my bishop denied me home and visiting teachers and forbade anyone in the ward trying to help me — he threw me to the wolves, as did the police (and the postal inspector, and the phone company, and every other agency that should have been willing to defend against his crimes). So … the very last thing in the world I enjoyed was the sound of someone creeping around my house in the dark. And the very last thing I would have considered eating was any cookies left by my door anonymously.

    So think, people, of particular circumstances. But when the 12-days thing works, as with my parents, it works wonderfully.

  2. Jon W says:

    yeah I do not think I could have handled having the 12 days done in Wales. Our neighbours were “interesting”.

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