O My Father

Ardis Parshall over at Keepapitchin has a great article on the most beautiful missionary tract ever produced.  Which I would tend to agree with.

Rather than get into a big threadjack over there I thought I would put my own two cents in on a side note.

The published music with the tract has slightly amended notes.  As Hunter pointed out.  Then Jacob J brought a new version in the mix, one I wanted to talk about here.

The version of O My Father is sung to Gentle Annie, a parlour song created by Stephen Foster in 1856.    To me listening to the Youtube version I can understand why Brigham Young loved it.

I can also understand why it was changed, eventually, to the more familiar version.  It would be a difficult song to sing in a normal meeting, the celtic nature of the song, which seems to show in the version here, would probably get mangled by those unfamiliar with the song.

My Redeemer, the tune which eventually became the basis for O My Father, was easier because everyone was familiar with it, and those outside of the church had sung the tune so they would understand how the song would fit.  While it is still a lovely song, listening to the original I feel it to have just a bit more to how the words and music fit together.

Of course as a Welshman I am a bit of sucker for Celtic music.

Judge for yourself:

The original

The Gentle Annie version

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