Dental chairs

Bill Cosby once had a story about a visit he had to the dentist.  It was awesomely funny.  One particular bit he discusses how he is sitting in the chair and he starts to see smoke rising from his mouth.

He asks for time out.

Dentist says, “whats the matter?”

Cosby: “moke!”

Dentist: “What?”

Cosby: “moke, moke moke, dere is moke cumbing out of ma mou…”

Dentist: “I don’t understand.”

Cosby:  “Fibre.  Do you undertand de fibre?  Der is moke combing out of my mou and der is a fibre.  And my fabace is hangin on de floo.”

Dentist: “Fire?”

Cosby: “Yebs”

Dentist: “Where?”

Cosby: “Neber mine neber mine.”

Let me tell you today reminded me of that very discussion.  I sat in the chair as my dentist was taking a root canal.  Let me tell you not the funnest two hours of my life.  Yet the real novelty is when he started the filling.

First he sticks some gunk in and asks for “glue”.

Then he grabs what looks not unlike a soldering iron and then starts a very horrid smelling smoke coming from my mouth.   This is such an unnatural occurance it blew my mind.   So I harkened back to this video which I watched loads of times when I was a kid.

Here is the section on the dentist via YouTube.  Enjoy!

2 Responses to Dental chairs

  1. Gibb Fitzner says:

    I enjoyed that. My favorite is when he said the dentist leaves so that he can laugh at you! (I do it all the time). Great post.

  2. Jon W says:

    Yeah very funny stuff. Bill Cosby was the comedian in my youth I used to listen to and watch a lot. I still remember when Himself was shown on HBO back in the eighties.

    I think I have most of the performance memorized.

    thanks for your comment. sorry for the late reply.

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