Llyfr Mormon finally in my hands

So after a number of years of searching and deciding I have finally gotten a Welsh language (Cymraeg) Book of Mormon.

First shock when looking at it.  No chapters or verses.  I was slightly bemused until I looked at the date of publication.  The date in the copy is 1852.

In other words the Church simply authorized a book that has been in circulation for 157 years.  My thought was almost one of disappointment.  In fact it almost looked like a reproduction of the original version which we have thanks to the yeoman work of John Davis a Welsh convert who was in charge of the Welsh printing for the LDS church.

So it is wonderful to have the book regardless.  But considering the great work by the church to publish Books of Mormon in so many languages I would have hoped some more modern work would be done to bring the book in Welsh out in a manner people are familiar with.

While all Welsh people can speak English, and not all Welsh can speak their mother tongue I think how beneficial it would be in North Wales to bring out a book that my relations can read in their original language.

Anyway, even if I am never going to be able to read it front to back I am thankful to Brother Davis who worked so hard, along with all the Welsh saints who helped fund the first publication.  Also, I think it is wonderful that the Church did put it out regardless.  It is an amazing thing to see this wonderful book with words I can only partially pronounce, and barely have any concept of what they mean, sitting on my shelf.  It fills me which a quite sense of historical wonder.

9 Responses to Llyfr Mormon finally in my hands

  1. Justin says:

    Did the Welsh Book of Mormon go out of print (and then come back into print recently)?

  2. Jon W says:

    It was never authorized by the church for publication beyond the 1852 run. I think BYU kept copies but that was about it. In 2001 or 02 it was decided to republish the book. Apparently they just used the BYU version.

  3. Bookslinger says:

    As funds allow, may I suggest purchasing a copy of the Book of Mormon in all 107 printed languages, for your library, and possible missionary work.

    You never know when you’ll run into someone who speaks Swahili. You could say “Hey, I have a book from my church in Swahili.” And they might say “Yeah? Who wrote it, and what is it about?”

  4. Jon W says:


    I have found you are right. When I was on my mission I had like ten different books and at some point gave them all away. Including the Farsi book I had.

    That being said, the Welsh one is for me not really to give away. Unless there is a pretty good reason.

    Either way thanks for stopping by!

  5. Kylie Heydon says:

    I’ve just received my copy after several years of hunting! Like many other Welsh people I find it easier to read in Welsh than I do in English and have found the first five chapters of The First Book of Nephi much easier to comprehend in my mother tongue. Although I noticed the lack of Chapter and Verse numbers I understand that there has never been a HEAVY demand on the publication, and even now is sought as more of an ornament than to actually use. Although if requested by more than one person to those in charge of the publications we may get a more updated version. I know that I for one am willing to help (even if it means organising the verse numbers myself from cover-to-cover!) x

  6. Jon W says:


    The Llyfr Mormon is based on the original version which was done before the sectioning of the book into chapters and verses as we now use.

    Interesting idea though and I would love to see what that would look like. Unfortunately you are right for me anyway it is just a ornament since my Grandfather decided when he moved to Canada that he did not need Welsh so my knowledge begins at some counting, welcome and very rainy.

  7. Rhydian Hughes says:

    Help!! Cold you please tell me where I can get a copy of this book also, I’m a Welshman and would like to understand why so many Welshmen converted to Mormonism under Dan Jones missonary.

    I would be great full if you can point me to the right way.

  8. Rhydian Hughes says:

    I’m a welsh native speaker so any translation assistance contact me and I will be able to help.

  9. For those interested in the Scriptures in Welsh, please take a look at http://cls.byu.edu/welsh/Welsh_Scriptures.html

    A parallel English/Welsh Book of Mormon is in the works, and a parallel D&C/PGP is available right now.

    Hwyl fawr,
    Ronald Schoedel
    Dysgwyr Cymraeg am Prifysgol Brigham Young (BYU)

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