In my day we knew what real work meant

August 9, 2009

This title is a quote I often here on television.  Usually spoken by somewhat senile older gentleman of a Grandpa Simpson persuasion.

Now most of us laugh at this even if we have actually heard it.  Myself I have heard a version of it at least once in my life from my father complaining that I had no real idea what real work was and how to do it if presented with it.  Now had he said budgeting he would be right.

The value of work in the modern times is usually being spent in greater frequency in front of a great glowing, hard on the eyes, box with a place for your fingers to clatter on like a badly built organ.  That work is not hard manual labour.  Though I have laboured over a few manuals from now and again.

Why do I bring up this ridiclous bunch of drivel? Read the rest of this entry »


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