BC Supreme Court throws out Polygamy challenge

September 23, 2009

At the beginning of this year I posted a few articles on the issue of the British Columbia government’s insistence to prosecute polygamists over the objections of their advisors.  As I suspected the BC Supreme Court has rejected the government prosecution of the Polygamist sect in Bountiful, British Columbia.

The CBC has a good article here giving an overview of the ruling.

One would think that the British Columbia politicians could have seen this coming.  It the obsession of the government to be seen to be doing something which prompts failure to actually accomplish anything.   Come on, should it not be obvious by now that this is going to be an epic fail?  Our government and courts have legislated or legalized various other forms of marital and non-marital relationships.  Does polygamy differ that much from group sex clubs and same sex marriage?  Honestly?

Yes there have been suggested evidence of abuse, and under age marriages to older men to girls in the community.  But the government is falling into an obvious trap.  The burden of proof leaves them often looking Texas stupid.    I think if the government insists on challenging this further they will legalize polygamy.    Because they are failing to attack the real problem in the FLDS communities.  It is not the polygamy but the abuse and teen marriages which are at issue.

In order to win they will have to attack this like Utah and Arizona and stop trying to convict them on polygamy.  It is a false hope at best.  Particularly with polygamy which is going on in the Islamic community in Canada.     The fact is a few scandalous books and reports by the media are not good enough evidence to convict these men.  Period.

Anyway the fight continues.


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