Yorkies, they are not for girls mate!

Ok over on Ardis lovely Postum ad posting I have manipulated it into a very chocolaty direction so I wanted to give people an idea, who have never been to Britain what all the fuss is about.

See the following few ads.

or this one

Personally I find these funny because they are so over the top sexist in their lovely British way.

Other ads worth watching btw are:

Every time I watch this one I almost cry because it reminds me so much of my Welsh mates (the accent, the rest are quite ridiculous)  the isn’t it is a normal south Welsh phrase, kind of an emphasis.

or this one…

hmm I do not think I can give this up I love these adverts… yes it is making fun of Welsh stereotypes but like the Yorkie ads they are purposely so over the top you laugh.   Especially when he says, “It is hard work to work down in the noodle mine.”

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