The Flu and me

Last Sunday I woke up feeling really ill.  I was dizzy and sleepy and off and on really hot.  I fell asleep about 1pm and woke up around 4pm, yet I still felt myself exhausted.   So at 9pm I went to bed for the night.

Feeling that way I called in sick the next day for work.  Then feeling a bit better that night I went to a meeting and Tuesday I went to work.  By Wednesday it was obvious I was still feeling the effects of some sort of flu, in fact each day until Friday I felt ok in the morning and awful as the day wore on.  By wednesday just sitting at my desk I broke out into a sweat like I was running a marathon.

So I went home early and stayed away from work for the following day.  Only on Friday did I feel good enough to go back into work and actually do normal things.

At this point if you have not tuned out I will explain why all this description is so significant.

Our local hockey team the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday announced that at least one player had come down with the H1N1 (aka the swine) flu.   At the same time many other players on the team had gotten the flu over the past week or so. 

Meanwhile in a panic our local government rolled out the H1N1 vaccine which was a complete disaster where people lined up for over five hours in some cases to get a vaccine, and now they have run out after doing only 1/10th of the population.

I am not sure if I had that particular flu, or a couple of others did or not but I definitely had a number of the symptoms.  As the week went on it turned out that many in our ward had also been infected by H1N1.  So suddenly on Saturday warning that the church was initiating pandemic rules and that the ward was going to have to go through some strict rules.

So on Sunday, I left a couple of our family at home who were still suffering symptoms.  Amazingly the church was set up in a very specific way.   You were allowed only into doors that were close to the washrooms.  At which point if you were suffering flu like symptoms you were asked to go home.  If you were not you had to immediately wash your hands.

My son who was holding the mike for a blessing and passing sacrament had to wash his hands a few more times.  It was an incredible introduction to the organized way the members were watched over by the leaders of the church.

So after my flu filled week it was fascinating to see how each sector of our society dealt with a possible outbreak of a serious virus.

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