About this blog

Banner, Sword, and Shield comes from the LDS Church Hymn.

Through envisioning the work that Latter-day Saints are called to do, this blog’s created saw that we are most certainly in need of a sword and shield to protect ourselves, figuratively at least.  The banner represents our willingness to stand up in the world.

The focus of this blog is on Church history, LDS arts and entertainment.  While other important features of modern life, politics and general commentary are also a component.  The goal of this site is to talk with other LDS members, non-members, and those in between, who are interested in these same things.

The goal of this blog is to be a place of interest for everyone, it is not exclusionary or exclusive in its nature.  We welcome comments and contributions from all sides in the Mormon discussion.  Thank you for stopping by and we appreciate your comments and suggestions as well as your reading these ramblings.

Jonathan Williams
November 16, 2008


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