My twelve days experience

December 7, 2008

Two years ago, my family and I decided we should do something special for Christmas. I had read in the Ensign years ago about the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It was an idea to give presents to people in a way that they will not know.  Read the rest of this entry »


Christmas Traditions: LDS Style

December 6, 2008

One thing I have noticed over the years, is that we LDS have our own set of traditions which seem to follow, sometimes other faiths, sometimes they are our own special additives to the Holiday season.

So I am going to run down a few: Read the rest of this entry »

Is Zion’s pull so strong Part 2

November 23, 2008

In the first part I discussed modern influence with moving to Utah, or Zion.  Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the source of this interest for me.

A few weeks ago I picked up a book in the local LDS bookstore.  As per usual I found a number of used books I wanted but I stuck with this one.  This book was not a Mormon written book, it is amazingly written by an Anglican minister who was studying Mormonism.    Reading who wrote it I had to admit I was skeptical of the source. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Zion’s pull so strong Part 1

November 20, 2008

For many people I have talked to in Canada, certainly in Southern Alberta specifically, there is a great deal of thought about Zion.  Not Zion, as in the New Jerusalem or the old one or even Enoch’s place.  No this Zion exists in one very specific place and it is found “In the tops of the mountains”.

If you have not guessed by now I am referring to Utah.  Lately I have been reading an older book, which I will reveal in Part 2, which discusses Zion as SLC and surrounding area.   For many of these Saints Zion was a critical place.  One that they must unite with as soon as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Is examining the mysteries wrong?

November 18, 2008

BHodges over at Life on Gold Plates published Kevin Barney’s recent article on Mother in Heaven.  I have of course alluded to this article earlier.  But if you want to read it follow the link.  It is well worth it.

One of the commentators attacks, maybe chides would be better, the concept of focusing on the wrong Gospel items.  He focuses exclusively on specific gospel points.  Almost to say other items are not really worth knowing,  I found myself writing a huge entry that just got to unwildy for a comment page so I decided rather to enter a smaller version there and expound upon it a bit more here. Read the rest of this entry »

Divided world being Great and Dreadful

November 17, 2008

In biblical terms it is referred to as the Great and Dreadful day of the Lord. I have always found myself focusing on the dreadful and never on the happy.  Often I found that our focus on the Second Coming and the events leading to it are generally of a negative nature.

This past week I was asked to teach Priesthood.  The lesson was on the Second Coming.  I wanted to focus on something other than the negatives.  To help, in some fashion, others come to a similar understanding that I had recently reachedRead the rest of this entry »

Strange looks of befuddled boys

November 15, 2008

Teaching my kids has always been a challenge.  They always want to know stuff, just not that much.  My wife likes to say to them, for example, ok if you are asking your father a question remember it might go on for a while.  Sigh, sadly she knows me too well.

So when I sat them down on Sunday they knew they were not getting off early.  While I would never force them to go on a mission if they did not want I do want them to have all the knowledge they would need regardless.  I find that talking about things can build an interest in them. Read the rest of this entry »