Midieval English carols

December 5, 2008

When one looks at Christmas much of our understanding of the hymns of Christmas come from the enlightenment period and onward when great musicians created some of the best known worship of the nativity.

However, if on examines some of the oldest English hymns one can get a feeling for the thoughts of people 1000 years ago and the songs they held as important to the Christmas season.  Keeping in mind that much of our understanding of these hymns has been coloured by the reformation and the English Civil War when Christmas was outlawed and much of the older traditional English worship was destroyed. Read the rest of this entry »


Praise to the Man – a Hymn of belligerence

October 5, 2008

One of the interesting things that happened this weekend was singing Praise to the Man in the Priesthood session.  For most of my life I have felt a great affinity to Joseph Smith.   In some respects I find it easier to understand the gospel because I know he was a man, warts and all.

Now with that in mind I found myself singing the hymn and gaining a lot more respect for what the hymn was saying, as well as how it was saying it:
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