December 4, 2008

After a week of political craziness I thought I would finish up on some observations.  But let me start with an article which gets to the heart of the political matter.  Especially for those unfamiliar of our system of government. Read the rest of this entry »


Canadian Idiots

December 2, 2008

You know when you read this, this, this, and this.

From one of these I quote:

“A friend in Prague asks for an update on what he tells me “looks like a weird constitutional crisis in Canada” when viewed from a distance. I assure him that it looks like a weird constitutional crisis when viewed from up close, too. It was precipitated by newly elected Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper doing something that, well — let’s say, something that must have seemed a good idea at the time.”

You really wonder how stupid people can be…

Edited to add this article which I think encapsulates the whole thing rather well:

What a waste of precious time

Political shenanigans causing a special type of gridlock

November 29, 2008

North of the US border Canadian politics is locked in a huge death struggle that began at the end of the 2004 federal election, continued now through two more elections and little real progress.  Everyone says, wouldn’t it be great to have a minority government because they have to listen to “us” more.

So now we are on our third minority government (1 Liberal, 2 Conservative) and it seems even more bitter and partisan then ever.

A little background here: Read the rest of this entry »

Congratulations to the President elect

November 4, 2008

While I might not completely agree with him.   I honestly hope the best for him.  I think this was a monumental election for African Americans who could not even have freedom just 150 years ago.   In the western world how many can say that a visable minority was elected leader of their country?

Congratulation to Barack Obama.  And to John McCain who failed once more, but honestly, how many of us would be willing to suffer these battles?  Have a nice life Senator.

Prop 8 battle first seen in Bill C-38 fight part 3

November 3, 2008

In the meantime, the LDS church, Catholic Church and various evangelical groups sought to oppose the legislation federally in the Parliament and legally by intervening in the cases.  They would slowly start to put pressure on the MPs as the legislation went through the Parliament.These groups were not cohesive, mistrust of Mormons among the Evangelical sects led to continual friction.  The LDS members formed other groups to try and convince their own membership to be active.  Even with some tacit leadership support money is not found from among enough sources to do more than mount a legal campaign.

During all of this the best solution for the Church and those who opposed gay marriage was to attack individual provinces.  If one province had been willing, as Quebec had been in the past over Abortion, to stand up and refuse to enforce gay marriages I suspect that no account of legal retributions would have worked.  (Btw for those who would not know Quebec flat out told the Federal government it would not enforce limitations to Abortion.  Within five years after Abortion limitation was struck down in all cases as the legislation was ruled out of line with the new constitution. (No government since has had the political will to put any brakes on it since) Read the rest of this entry »

Prop 8 battle first seen in Bill C-38 fight part 2

November 3, 2008

History of Gay rights in Canada:

The Haig and Birch v. Canada case becomes a landmark case in 1992 as it overturns the Canada Human Rights Act. Kim Campbell the PC minister of justice reintroduces the new Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation, however it did not pass. In 1996 the legislation is changed. It along with the Delwin Vriend case set the stage for the next argument. Benefits to same sex couples.

In 1999 the M v H case, two lesbians suing each other over their break up, allows the Supreme Court to rule same-sex couples should have the same benefits and obligations as opposite-sex common-law couples and equal access to benefits from social programs to which they contribute. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Election results

October 14, 2008

So after over four weeks the Canadian government for the third time in four years is being led by a minority government.  For the second time it is a Conservative one.  It is a close run thing, I would argue that the economic meltdown combined with Quebec’s passionate flip flop led to once again a minority. Read the rest of this entry »