About our contributors

Jon in Washington

Jon in Washington

Jon W. received his Bachelor’s degree in history he started in 1994 in 2008.  After a ten year absence, six kids and generally trying to find time to fit it all in.  Jonathan in the meantime spent four years in Wales, spent two years as a journalist and two more acting as a Research and Communications Director for a political caucus at the Provincial Legislature.

In his spare time he likes to watch sports on Sunday, drink Barqs and a lot of time on his computer.

You can reach him at jonathan at jbwilliams dot ca.

Thanks again for coming and visiting.


4 Responses to About our contributors

  1. kenjebz says:

    It feels great to have my site visited and commented by someone so great as you. Its humbling, and its inspiring in both ways. You’ve gone too far and accomplished many. Can we swap blog link? I know my site is not that many people reading like yours. Anyway, thanks for leaving us a comment.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s tougher than it looks to keep a solo blog going — good work, Jon. Banner, sword, shield, and keyboard.

  3. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  4. For the past 10 years I’ve been doing a great deal research in relation to history and the scriptures, I was hoping that you might have a moment to have a look at it. I wanted to see if it is something people would be interested in. In my past life I was a Architect I have since used those skills to portray my research in drawings that are almost Scroll like. If it’s okay I would like to just post one link for you to take a quick look at.

    Thank You


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