Comment Policy

I had never thought I would need to write this, but since I have had to delete three separate comments recently, I feel I need to put this up.  So here we go:

1. No personal attacks, I can handle anything but critiques that become personal enough to be insulting as determined by me, I have a zero tolerance policy.  This applies for my posts, guest posts or comments of others.

2. Language is power, please do not use any obviously hateful speech (be it race, religion, sexual preference, or whatever), I have no problem editing any comment of this nature, and if it becomes a real problem I will just add you to my banned list.

3. The determination of what is offensive or too personal is purely a decision of the author of the post or the administrator.

4. Please remember this is a blog, not an academic or journalistic endeavour.  Occasional correction, especially when data is wrong, is appreciated.

5. These policies can and will be edited as needed.

Thank you


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