Ranking the live conference blogs – Saturday Afternoon

Well I thought i would get a jump on this and post it early.

So how do you think the final rankings will go?  Why do you think your blog should finish first, etc.

Themes I noticed:
President Uchdorf’s mispronouncing of Jose and Jimenez.
Whether or not this solemn assembly was different
President Eyring’s cane
Elder Wirthlin’s excellent talk
President Eyring’s talk

Should be interesting to see who speaks this time.  And whether there will be a “big” moment this session. As there is no live blogging for Priesthood, we will only be ranking the four main sessions.

Hmm it looks like a clear winner is forming for today.  The Tiger Woods of Live Blogging…

1. Times and Seasons (over 200 posts in two sessions you got to like that)
2. Mormon Matters (Good discussion about Elder Scotts talk, as long as you filter out the spanish debate)
3. Mormon Mentality
4. By Common Consent
5. Our Thoughts There is no shame at being bottom… really 😉

Another honourable mention, Trash Calls for commenting on the commenting…



2 Responses to Ranking the live conference blogs – Saturday Afternoon

  1. Kim Siever says:

    The way I look at it, we’re at the top. 🙂

  2. Jon W says:

    Hey you would draft first at least.

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