Elementary, my dear reader…

So you are coming to this blog, and for some reason you think… gee what level of reading is this?

I have no idea why you might, but stay with me.
blog readability test

Movie Reviews

I do not know if this is compliment or a criticism but nonetheless, even my kids can read this blog.


2 Responses to Elementary, my dear reader…

  1. […] W. over at Banner, Sword, and Shield was smart enough to advertise a fun website that gauges a blog’s reading […]

  2. Jon W says:

    hmm now I am not sure how to feel about the subtle shots going on.

    Or the fact that JI and others are ranked higher… might have to find some grandiose verbiage to expound upon. It seems incredibly emasculating to have such a complete exclusion from secondary upper echelon.

    There that should convalesce my standing.

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